Young Buchhs

This wedding was an adventure on nearly every level. Wrangling with the logistics of a wedding outside Oregon, going to the San Francisco flower market at 5am, making 13 bridesmaids bouquets in a garage in Berkeley, and sharing the park with another wedding reception on the celebration day... and Nathan and Nicole remained so happy and gracious through all of it. Everyone that was present was THRILLED to be there and so happy for the couple. And just a couple of days later, the sweet couple moved across the country! They're an inspiration to me and many others, I'm sure. 

Photos by the magical Kristy of Wreckless Creative

The Albrittons

There are some cool people, and some beautiful people, and some kind people, and then there are other people (who may actually be aliens) who manage to be all of these things at once. When they ask you to help make their wedding beautiful, not only do you say "YES YES YES" but you also cry a little about it. 

Congratulations, M&C, love you muuuucho. 

Photography by Allison Harp, fellow whale-lover. 


Wedding Portraits with Tony Gambino

I love the idea of having a wedding portrait session after the ceremony and honeymoon are over. It's such a wonderful opportunity to put that dress back on, set aside a day to look into each others' eyes, and have your relationship documented in such a sweet way.

This bride went all-out (go, girl!) and asked for a bouquet to make it perfect.

Thanks, Trey and Jenna, you're just my style!

Photography by Tony Gambino

Eternal Love & Happiness: a bridal shower for A

The day that Johnny proposed to Allison was SUCH A SPECIAL DAY. The Facebook event for the surprise engagement party was called "ETERNAL LOVE AND HAPPINESS." 

So, it makes sense that the love and happiness would continue (they're eternal, after all, duh) into the BRIDAL SHOWER. 

Mama Stilson planned the tapas & drinks, Natalie Puls photographed, and yours truly did a couple little flowery bits for the tables. 

It's seriously so fun to not only get to celebrate such a dear friend marrying another dear friend, but to team up with your creative friends and do it all your way! Dream team. 

Photos by Natalie Puls Photography 

Ceramics by Convivial Productions 

Mother's Day photobooth backdrop

A couple of my good friends are pastors at a local church. They're setting up a photobooth this Sunday so that families can get a sweet little family photo. Katie asked me to help plan and install a floral backdrop that looks creative and colorful without being too wild. 

Here's my test install in the laundry room! 

I'll be installing on Saturday so I'm drying the flowers and foliage beforehand.