Ordering flowers for your loved ones, event, or business doesn't have to be intimidating. 

You just need a florist who's on your team. A down-the-street, friends-with-your-mom, no-fuss-and-yet-cool florist to help you get beautiful flowers where they need to go in Central Oregon. 


Whether you're looking for a bouquet for meeting your boyfriend's parents, a thank-you delivered to your anarchist Naturopath, a way to say "I'm thinking of you" to your friend in the hospital, or a special delivery for your honey's birthday - we got you covered. 

And for those other occasions when you're hosting Thanksgiving dinner and need to make the table extra-special, or you want to have creative and welcoming arrangements at your restaurant - we're available for that, too.


Photograph by Natalie Puls 

Events & Styling

I love intimate, romantic dinners in the woods and glamorous birthday parties.

Let's dream and scheme how we can incorporate flowers into your gathering, whether it's thoughtful centerpieces or ferns hanging from the ceiling.  

Photograph by Allison Harp


Fresh floral arrangements add so much to your home or business space.

Whether it's seasonal installations at the restaurant or regular deliveries for your hall table, we'll design pieces that complement the whole room. 

Photograph by Brooklyn Wagner


Whether you're proposing or just want to say "thanks for all you do," Pink House Floral will work with you to create the perfect statement bouquet. 





Photograph by Allison Harp

Photograph by Allison Harp